Roll Up And Learn Piano

  • Take this Soft Rollup Piano with you anywhere and everywhere you go!
  • Learn to play piano anytime and anywhere with ease!
  • Makes a great gift for a significant other or a family member. Heck even your best friend will love it.
  • Easy to clean
  • Very easy to use
  • Virtually indestructable!
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  • This ridiculous little soft roll-up piano is everything a musician dreams of when it comes to practice time. You can take this little guy with you anywhere. Roll it out and perform a sonata with ease for all of your friends or practice at your leisure anywhere, anytime.

    Have little ones? This is right up your alley as it doubles as an amazing aid for teaching your children to play without worry of destroying or damaging your expensive keyboard/piano. Throw some batteries in and let your treasured ones go to town. Potato chip crumbs all over the keys? No worries because this keyboard is so easy to clean.  If you love what you see then hit that add to cart button and grab your roll-up piano today!



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