Rechargeable Decorative LED Wine Cork

Having guests over tonight and want to liven the mood? Is that special someone coming over tonight and you want to set the mood? Check out these Decorative LED Wine Bottle Lights and light up your guests evening or make a romantic dinner for you and that special person in your life with ease!

These Wine bottle light are super easy to use and you can put them in any bottle, vase, decanter, or just bend the wires to create the shape you desire like hearts or even a name. 

These lights are 100% USB rechargeable and will last 24 hours of straight mood lighting fun.  Love what you see? Hit that add to cart and secure your order today while supplies last.


  • Set the mood for any occasion

  • Makes for a nice romantic setting too!

  • The copper wire is waterproof. The cork portion is not so you can submerge the wire but the top must be above the water level.

  • 100% USB Rechargeable!

  • Choose cork with LED string or no LED string. Cork lights up as well and will illuminate the bottle. 

  • USA Express Shipping Method Is 4 - 12 Days 

  • Makes an incredible gift!

  • Grab yours today!



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