Puffy Cloud Plush Baby Sofa

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You just had one heck of a busy day and you need a moment. Sound familiar? Sit your little one down in front of the TV to take a break but for one second you turn around and poof! on to the next thing. How about sitting them down in one of our puffy cloud baby sofas and take that well-deserved break! Our baby seat helps your baby sit up comfortably while you multitask. The soft, baby chair supports your baby's back and legs and keeps them in one spot so you can safely step away while knowing your baby is safe and secure!


👉Soft, cushioned baby seat

👉Supports baby's back and legs

👉Keeps baby safe, secure, and comfortable

👉Attached seat bottom prevents your baby from sliding around all over the floor

👉Variety of fun colors and patterns to choose from

👉Suitable for ages up to 2 years old

👉Size: approx. 45cm x 45cm





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