Dog Paw Quick Clean Cup

  • Dog paw cleaner dirty water

    Imagine you just took the dog outside for a walk and some play time. You forget in your mind that you just cleaned that carpet. You get caught up in the heat of the moment and you open the front door, take the leash off and let your dog run through the house like a maniac. Oops, your dog was just trecking through dirt and mud and now it is all over the place! This could have been prevented in a matter of seconds with this dog paw cleaner.

    Dirty Paw prints everywhere

    This silicone dog paw cleaner will assure that you keep your favorite canine friend's paws clean and healthy. Keeping your dog's paws clean will ensure that you are not spreading germs and bacteria and anything else they may pick up in the yard.


    The dog paw cleaner is made from a BPA free silicone and has bristles to brush the debris from your fur babies paws. The silicone is gentle on them and 100% safe. Keeping your pet's paws clean helps to keep your dog safe and will help to keep your home clean as well.  Love what you see? Hit that add to cart and secure your order today while supplies last.


        • Made of a 100% Safe BPA FREE silicone. Features bristles that are gentle and safe on your pet's feet and help to clear debris

        • Add a little water to the cup and clean your dog's paws in a matter of seconds

        • Keep your pet and your family safe by removing harmful bacteria so you spread fewer germs!

        • 2 Sizes Available: Small for small size dogs and Large for medium to larger dogs.

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