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Waterproof 2 Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat

Pet - Waterproof 2 Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat

Waterproof 2 Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat

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  • Tired of cleaning up scattered cat litter all around your fur babies litter box?? Want an easier method of cleaning up all that pain in the neck scattered litter? If your answer is yes then check out this #1 Selling Waterproof 2 Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat. 

    This cat litter mat is perfect for people who have a hard time with the mess our friendly feline friends can leave behind. Are you somewhat of a germaphobe? This is perfect for you as well. This cat litter mat will make cleaning up messes a breeze and prevent from getting litter all over yourself and house. You will be able to sift the mat and dump the excess litter straight into the trash or even back in the litter box if the litter is clean. This makes it easier to reuse some of that litter that may be flung out of the box. If your cat is like mine at home then you know they sometimes even seem like playing in the litter is so fun especially when you first change the litter. With this mat, you can gather all that play time litter and dump it right back in the box.

    This litter mat comes in 4 different sizes to accommodate the tiniest kitten to the largest tomcat. The waffle pattern design will assure that litter is sifted directly through to the inner mat and makes gathering the litter and dumping a cinch.  Love what you see? Hit that add to cart and secure your order today while supplies last.


      • Made of waterproof high elasticity EVA foam rubber on the top portion of the mat to assure it will not hurt your felines soft paws.

      • Easy to clean. Run under a shower head or faucet. Completely Waterproof!

      • Waffle design allows you to sift excess cat litter to the inner mat and then dump litter straight into the trash.

      • 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

      • Small: ~17.5"12"

      • Medium: ~15.5"x19.5"

      • Large: ~18"x23.5"

      • Extra Large: ~21.5"x27.5"

      • Make clean up way easier!<

      • Makes an incredible gift!

      • Grab yours today!



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