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LED Turn Signal Laptop Bag

We all have that worst fear of being hit by a car or even worse a loved one getting hit while walking, jogging, or biking at night. This can be one of the scariest thoughts to ever think of and of course for good reason we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This LED Turn Signal Backpack was designed specifically for the safety of ourselves, friends, family, and of course children. Lets put our worst fears to rest and make our lives a little safer by adding this to our wardrobe and remaining lit up even in the darkest of streets.

This LED Turn Signal Backpack is waterproof and 100% rechargeable and comes with a wireless remote to change directions and patterns. This backpack has 4 signals, left, right, forward, and stop to make jogging, walking, and biking safer for everyone. Like what you see? Hit that add to cart and gear up today while supplies last.


  • Designed to make you and your loved ones safer at night!

  • Water resistant backpack also comes with a rain cover for extra protection. 

  • 100% Rechargeable

  • Remote is 100% Wireless and can be mounted on your bicycle for ease of access.

  • Great for children to assure safety if ever needed

  • Makes an incredible gift!

  • Extremely High Demand Item! 

  • Grab yours today!


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