Friendly Pet Massager

With our Friendly Pet Massager, your pet will fall in love with you all over again!

Want to make a happy fur-baby?? Introducing our Friendly Pet Massager! This awesome Shiatsu scalp massager will have your pets falling in love with you all over again and with the added benefit of a happier pet, a healthier pet. Shiatsu scalp massage has been known to help pets with depression and anxiety, calm a wild pet down, or just plain out have your pet love you just that little bit extra!

Product function:

1. Shiatsu scalp massage

2. Applies to all types of pets and people too!

3. Rechargeable and safe charging base

4. Simple operation and easy to use

5. Bi-directional massaging claws are waterproof (USB charging port is not waterproof)

6. Massage claws are more effective for scalp massage


Package Includes:

1x Friendly Pet Massager machine

1x Charging base 

1x Instruction Guide

1x USB Cord



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