TheSunShineSpot Fly Bait

Need a little extra help baiting those flies? This fly bait will attract all those flies that are pestering you and your pets. One package can give you between 2-4 fill-ups in your fly trap. One fill up will last roughly 1-2 weeks. This fly bait is non-toxic and is made of ground-up fish bones and a few other ingredients which work phenomenally to attract the flies in your yard and house. Grab this fly bait today and eradicate those flying pests! Hit that add to cart button and secure your order.

Due to the type of material used in this product, it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery because of the powder substance used. Customs will hold the order for longer so we never ship the bait with the fly trap together or it could hold up the fly trap for the same amount of time. Please understand that some materials just are tougher to ship because of being a consumable product. In the meantime, while you wait for your fly bait you can use alternative baits which are highlighted on the fly trap product page here


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