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TheSunShineSpot Fly Net Trap

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Get rid of those pesky flies fast and for good. Set it, bait it, and forget it. Those pests will leave you and your loved ones alone!

Are you fed up with flies in around your home? We have just the solution for you. Attract the flies away from you, your family, and your horses and pets then trap them and let nature take its course. With our incredible fly traps, it only takes a matter of weeks before the fly population in your area will start to die off leaving you fly free!

Flies can and will bother you, your horses, pets, and children and carry awful diseases that no one would want to contract. You can take care of those pesky flies by baiting them to an area away from your family and then trapping them to leave you alone! Doing so will render the flies deceased in 24 - 48 hours. After a few weeks will begin to notice an incredible decrease in the number of flies in and around your property. 


  • The fly net trap lures in flies to feed on the bait and then as the fly enters the inside of the trap the fly will not be able to figure out how to get back out of the trap.
  • Baiting flies is as easy as putting some expired food into the bait bowl or some old fish bait. Flies love anything that is smelly and disgusting so the bait is not hard to come by. We do have an at-home recipe for fly bait by mixing in 1 cracked egg, 5 packets of Splenda, and 1 small packet of yeast. Set it directly in the sun and as the sun begins to warm the bait up the flies will flock to the bait. Whatever you see the flies attracted to you can use as well (I know gross.....)
  • Using the trap to attract the flies will clear other areas that you would otherwise not want the flies in. We never place our fly net traps in the problem area but instead outside of the area. For instance, we set the flytraps outside of the stable away from the horses. The fly population will start shifting away from the horses and towards the fly net trap.¬†
  • After just a few short weeks we see the fly populations start to dwindle drastically and this helps to keep the property from becoming overwhelmed.¬†
  • Now we can enjoy our outside activities without those pesky flies torturing our family! Oh did we mention our horses and pets are¬†way happier!¬†


  • Environment-friendly
  • Diameter: ~9.25 inches
  • Height: ~15.75 inches




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