Disposable Fly Trap

Disposable Fly Trap

Check out this easy to use, set and forget disposable fly trap. This fly trap has a special pheromone that attracts flies straight to the bag and when they land inside the bag they can not get back out. The fly trap bag is designed to attract the fly into the liquid inside of the bag and trap up to 20,000+ flies in one go. This means that your disposable fly trap should last you several weeks before you have to open a new one. This is not an indoor fly trap but meant for outside and is used perfectly for lawns, gardens, while camping while fishing, kennels, stables, barns and any other outside areas you can possibly think up. No pesticides used and 100% safe and disposable so you can throw this trap right in the trash bin when full. If you are having a fly problem and love what you see then hit that add to cart button and secure your order today.

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  • 100% Disposable
  • 100% Safe No pesticides used
  • Direction: Open bag, fill with water, hang in a spot you would want to attract the flies and watch the bag fill up. Toss and repeat the process!
  • Fly bait already included inside of the bag
  • Works in virtually any outdoor place you can think that would need this.
  • Not an indoor fly trap. We do not recommend using this trap inside as you want to draw the flies away from the area instead of attracting them.
  • Lasts for several weeks
  • Environment-friendly and easy and safe to use.
  • Holds 20,000+ Flies
  • Hang at minimum 20 feet away from the area you do not want flies
  • Size ~8 x ~8 x ~3 inches
  • Pick yours up today!

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