TheSunShineSpot Best Fly Trap

Are you fed up with flies this summer?? We have just the solution for you. Attract the flies away from you, your family, and your horses and pets then trap them and let nature take its course. With our incredible fly traps, it only takes a matter of weeks before the fly population in your area will start to die off leaving you fly free!

With TheSunShineSpot fly trap, you will be trapping any flies that would otherwise be torturing you, your family, your horses, and your pets. With this ingenious fly trap, the insects will go to the bait bowl and begin to feed, then after they have had their fill they will take off but when they take off they will fly directly up through the funnel into the inside of the trap. After they are caught inside the funnel they will not be able to figure out how to get back out rendering them trapped until death does them part(which usually happens within 24 hours 😉). Set the trap away from the area you don't want flies hanging out and the bait will attract them away from the area leaving you and your family to enjoy the fresh open air. After just a few short weeks the fly population will start to dwindle vigorously leaving your property virtually fly free!


  • Environment-friendly
  • Diameter: ~9.25 inches
  • Height: ~15.75 inches
  • Results may vary


 Who Are These For?

Our incredible fly traps were designed to help solve problems for people such as:

👉Horse Owners
👉Dog Owners
👉Cattle Owners
👉Pig Farmers
👉Duck And Chicken Owners
👉Livestock owners of all kinds!


These fly traps also work well for individual owners that might have:

👉Fly problems in their backyard
👉Flies bothering you at your picnic or outdoor shindig? No problem you are covered!
👉Screened-in porches
👉Sheds And Barns!
👉These were invented for almost any outdoor situation you can think of that has a fly problem!


Lets Talk Bait!

You can use any kind of stinky, fishy, bait, wet pet food or dry pet food mixed with water. Always mix it with water. Also, you can use what is attracting the flies(yeah I know gross🤢)but it works!

Here is what we are personally using at home:
✅➡️5 Packets of Splenda
✅➡️1 packet of yeast
✅➡️1 cracked egg
💪Mix it all together and add enough water to make it soupy(the yeast is going to rise) Set it in the sun and give an hour or two. Once it starts to warm up the flies will flock to it!

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