About Us

"The most beautiful feeling in the world is giving something to those with nothing"

What Separates Us From All The Other Stores Out There??

TheSunShineSpot takes pride in sharing special and unique products with amazing and unique people. We are a down to earth family run store that came up with the idea of finding products that people want and need in their daily lives that help solve problems, make an emotional connection, or just plain make us feel darn good about ourselves! Being consumers ourselves we understand what it feels like to be burned by online shopping. We absolutely could not tell you how many times we have ordered an incredible product(or so we thought) from a store online just to have nothing sent, a cheap knock-off(not the advertised product), or straight out have to fight through the teeth to even get our money back. Its this understanding that got us thinking and then we decided we wanted to do something about it! We formulated this online store to meet the needs of all the incredible consumers out there who are just looking to buy their product online without the hassle of dealing with the insane amount of scammers and con artists that take advantage of good people every day. We find the products that people love and we source them to our own personal warehouses all across the world so we can bring the best quality, the best customer service, and the best guarantees. Customers who shop with us get lifetime support from the point of customer acquisition until the point they no longer wish to be associated with us. The greatest feeling in the world to us is knowing our customers are happy. An even better feeling is to know that we can make a difference in this world by feeding hungry children and families and helping those in need who may not have much or nothing at all. Growing up with only so little when co-founder Alexander was a kid,  he felt compelled to give back when he finally could, because of the real struggle he lived and knowing how it felt to need help.

About The Co-Founders Of TheSunShineSpot

TheSunShineSpot was created by co-founders Alexander and April Sperry. The premise behind the store's name is actually named after their dog Sunshine. Sunshine is a Rottmation, yes half rottweiler and half Dalmatian. She is the pride and joy of their lives and is the mascot behind the store. Alexander and April met many years ago and found that they both had one very unique thing in common. This unique thing is what has bonded them together and the fact is that nothing in this life brings more joy to them than the love and compassion they have for children and animals of all kinds. "To us, our animals are not pets but are our family and nothing could ever change our minds otherwise. A lot of people find it funny when they ask us if we have children and we respond yes we have fur babies." Unfortunately, April and Alexander can not conceive children of their own and this is why they decided to name their store after their dog Sunshine. "We understand the struggle that a lot of people have of trying to conceive a child and our hearts go out to all that do struggle everyday! We know miracles do and can happen but we have not been fortunate enough to be blessed with a miracle yet....."


"Our mission is to give back to those who struggle, those who have less, and to bring joy into the lives of those who need it"

Alexander grew up with very little and struggled as a kid. He knew the struggle of hunger, not having good clothes, not having a super awesome Christmas like the rest of the kids in school. Never having brand name clothes and shoes and having to go to food banks or churches for groceries and clothing is a real struggle. "Our mother may not have had a lot but she always did what she could or had to do to put clothes on our backs and food on the table even if it was not much and we love her for that!" It was this that Alexander knew if one day he could do better for himself that he would give back to the world. He would give back to all the people that helped him and his family when they had nothing. Many years later when he met April they shared the same vision. This is why they donate a portion of all profits to Feeding America. They always make a big donation to Toys For Tots every year at holiday times. They figured that with as many people there are on this earth that buy products every day that make them feel better about themselves that making TheSunShineSpot customers even happier knowing that they would be putting a meal on a hungry child's table. They would be giving toys to those who have little or nothing. Bringing joy to those who may not have ever got to experience a true holiday. "Our customers will be helping us give clothes and school supplies to those who can't afford it and feed those who go without food. They will help us bring joy to children across America and even the world!" So remember that every order made here at TheSunShineSpot will help a child in need. There's no reason that you cant feel good because you purchased something online, actually received your order, didn't have to fight with banks and didn't get scammed, and on top of all that you joined a cause to help those with little to nothing. Our mission is to help those who are hungry. Help families who can not afford school supplies or clothing for their children. We want to Help provide children with an experience that they may have gone without most of their life. We all deserve greatness. We all deserve a boost. The world can give back. Our children are our future leaders of the world and they deserve a chance and a good environment to grow up in. Let's make our world better! "We appreciate you and value each and every one of you!"

From Our Heart To Yours Thank You From TheSunShineSpot


As always if you have any questions then feel free to contact our support team at support@thesunshinespot.com or give us a call at 1(800) 369-4095 Thank you and we are glad to share our story with you. 

Pictures Of SunShine And Her Siblings

Baby Sunshine: We could not turn that adorable face down!

Sunshine all grown up: Still such an adorable face!

How could anyone say no to those eyes?