About Us

TheSunShineSpot is a general store based on the idea where we take pride in sharing special and unique products with amazing and unique people. TheSunShineSpot also doubles as a service in which case we do the market research to match people to the right products that will help them in their everyday life. Sometimes our products may be a little higher priced than other stores, but we do this in order to provide the customer with the best shipping option and insure that your product arrives and that your product will arrive in good condition. You may also find that a lot of our products tend to fulfill different type of needs. We love to introduce great products that can help individuals in their everyday life. All of the products we sell are products we would use in our personal lives and households. TheSunShineSpot was created by co-founders Alexander and April Sperry. The premise behind the store's name is actually named after our dog Sunshine. Sunshine is a Rottmation, yes half rottweiler and half Dalmatian, and the pride and joy of our lives and the mascot behind this store. Alexander and April met many years ago and found that they both had one very unique thing in common. This unique thing is what has bonded them together and the fact is that nothing in this life brings more joy to them than the love and compassion they have for animals. We like to seek out other individuals who share our same passions and like to help to make a difference. TheSunShineSpot is a family owned store with the greatest goals in mind being geared towards raising awareness about the welfare and safety of animals. TheSunShineSpot donates a portion of all proceeds to the American Humane Society. If you would love to donate to this great cause you can go to the direct website here at The American Humane Society and learn more about the issues that animals face everyday and what you as an individual can do in helping this cause. We hope that you will open your hearts as we do and get involved with our noble cause. Every purchase at our store is a step towards helping an animal in need. Enjoy your visit with us! As always if you have any questions then feel free to contact our support team at support@thesunshinespot.com Thank you.

Baby Sunshine: We could not turn that adorable face down!

Sunshine all grown up: Still such an adorable face!

How could anyone say no to those eyes?