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High-Quality Pair Professional Pet Grooming Gloves

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    Does your favorite furry family member hate when you de-shed them?? With these High Quality professional pet grooming gloves, you will be able to love your fur babies while getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted fur.

    These High-Quality gloves will help you groom your favorite feline friend while helping to prevent them from getting those horrible furballs. These not only work on cats but also work on dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, elephants, and just about any animal that needs your grooming attention. The high-quality rubber tips will help you grip all of the loose hair while keeping it all together so you can keep your home and your pet clean. Each glove comes with 180 rubber tips that are safe to use on your pet and will give your pet a nice massage that will make your pet healthy and happy!

    A single visit to a pet groomer can cost you at least 4 times the cost of the professional pet grooming gloves so stop paying out hundreds of dollars on grooming services and start saving money on your monthly grooming bill. With this amazing professional de-shedding glove, you will be able to groom and de-shed your best friends with ease and in a matter of seconds.  Love what you see? Hit that add to cart button and secure your order today while supplies last.


    • Easy to use and easy to clean

    • Gentle grooming massage will have your pet falling in love with you over and over

    • This glove is 100% pet-friendly and safe to use. For best results groom your pet in the direction that the fur grows. Hair will come off easier when there is more to peel off at one time.

    • High-Quality Mesh material lets air breath through so your hands do not get sweaty. The grooming side is made of a BPA free rubber which helps to grip the fur without hurting your pet.

    • Regular grooming is extremely beneficial and healthy for our furry friends

    • One Size Fits All: 9.4 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches

    • 2 colors to choose from

    • Make clean up way easier by keeping most fur together so you can toss in one clump

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