5 In 1 Jar Opener

  • Check out this awesome 5 in 1 Jar Opener. This jar and bottle opener does more than just open bottles or jars. It has a tab popper bottle opener, lid twister and even a bag cutter on the end. This amazing jar gripper multi-tool has just about every function you might need to get the job done in the kitchen.


    This easy jar opener makes for a great jar opener for arthritis. We understand how people can feel dealing with arthritis and we know that this multifunctional tool by far has to be the best jar opener for people that may have a hard time getting the appropriate grip on the lid of a drink or snack. If you have a need for the extra leverage then this jar lid opener will work wonders for you.


    The best part about this device that we think is the greatest is when you are cooking and have sweaty or oily hands and you reach for your lid opener but you tend to slip or cannot get enough grip to twist the lid off but you won't have that problem anymore because you can just grab your rubber jar opener out of the drawer and twist that lid off like you have the power of a titan in the palm of your hand. If you love what you see then hit that add to cart button and secure your order today while supplies last.


      • 5 In 1 Amazing Functional Features!

      • Never let another jar defeat you with the power of the rubberized interior of the device.

      • Built-in bottle top popper

      • Having a hard time popping the tab up on your beverage? Easy peasy with tab popper

      • Have greasy or wet hands and can't get a grip to twist off a cap? The cap twister will take care of that for you with ease

      • No knife available and need to open a plastic bag? The end of the 5 in 1 opener has a piece of metal that will slice your bag open like butter

      • Can easily store this in your silverware drawer or hang it on your grill for your next cookout

      • Makes an incredible gift!

      • Grab yours today!



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