Comfortable Waterproof Battery Heated Gloves

Brrrrrr! Are you tired of your hands freezing during the colder months? Combat the cold in the coming months with this amazing pair of Waterproof Battery Heated Gloves! With the extra heat, these gloves are sure to warm your hands up better than your tattered old mittens will. 

Specifically made for brutally cold temperatures, the electronically powered Waterproof Battery Heated Gloves provide long-lasting warmth to help you survive long hours outdoors. They work by heating up your fingertips, offering up to 8 hours of unmatched protection so you can do what you love.

Don't let the freezing temperature keep you down and prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities and/or work. Invest in a set of these gloves today and keep your hands at the optimal temperature. Like what you see? Hit that add to cart and secure your order today while supplies last.


  • Material: Faux Leather and Cotton

  • With carbon fiber heating element that evenly distributes heat across the hands and fingers, you will be toasty in no time.

  • Durable shell with element protection. 3M Thinsulate insulation

  • 3 adjustable heat settings for optimal comfort

  • Enjoy up to 8 hours of warmth

  • Makes an incredible gift!

  • Waterproof and weather resistant

  • Elastic wrist for comfortably snug fit

  • Perfect for outdoor sports i.e. skiing, snowboarding, and more! Battery: 3 x AA

  • Your order includes: 1 x Pair of Battery Heated Gloves, 1 x Battery case, 1 x Charging cable

  • Grab yours today!



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