Welcome to TheSunShineSpot

January 18, 2018

Hello ladies and gents! Alexander here, co-founder of TheSunShineSpot and I would just like to introduce you to the store and tell you a little bit about the store. TheSunShineSpot is a family owned store that has goals in mind geared towards helping animals in any and every way that we can. We take a portion of all profits out of pocket and donate to local shelters, ASPCA, American Humane Society and we are starting to incorporate a "Shelter of The Month".  We will let you guys vote and decide which shelter will grab donations for the upcoming month and this will be an ongoing idea all year round. The idea behind all of this is that it only takes a small foot to take a giant leap and we feel that with the right goals and faith, we can and will continue to help beloved animals in every way possible. One of our greatest thoughts are the idea that adopted animals are just as good as the rest and we love when customers and engagers send us photos and videos that prove this. Thank you very much for taking the time to hear me out and please enjoy your visit with us. We will be seeing you real soon :)

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